The secret to excellent writing is to enjoy each letter and syllable we put down on paper. The pure joy of writing makes us a success.

Michael Levy, Blogger

Writing is no longer only about putting pen to paper. Author-teacher William Zinsser reminds us that “the new information age, for all its high-tech gadgetry, is finally writing-based. E-mail, social media and texting are all forms of writing, and writing is, finally, a craft with its own set of tools, which are words. Like all tools, they have to be used right. “Zinsser, W. On Writing Well (25th anniv. ed.). New York:


We can help with writing and spelling which will help you to:

  • Take a phone message
  • Fill out forms
  • Put your shopping list together
  • Write a letter
    • of application for a job
    • of complaint
  • A note to a teacher
  • Tackle a crossword
  • Enjoy word games
  • Be creative and write stories about your life;
    • song writing
    • poetry
    • whaikorero
  • Submit a well thought-out essay
  • Respond with a great C.V (whatever that is?)

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