Open Eyes

Open Eyes

‘Open Eyes’ is a collection of writing by women who attended the WEA Adult Literacy Programme (a forerunner of Literacy Waitakere) in 1988. 30 years later we have republished the book, because the issues written about are still relevant. Carlene says “To have opened my eyes has been a light flowing through my souls, giving it new life.” She also writes in her story Sweaty Palms “We ask for no pity but at the same time we don’t need to be ridiculed. We have done enough of that ourselves.” Pam says in her Letter to the Tutors, “After one and a half terms, I have found a new person in me and I have to admit I like what I have found.”

After attending the programme, these women have overcome their fear of putting pen to paper. They have discovered other people are interested in what they have to say and that remains true 30 years on. These stories are heart-felt and poignant. They are the voices of women who have for years been told they are lazy or stupid, but now they have the confidence and determination to share their stories with the world.

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