My Learner Licence Success

My Learner Licence Success

I was doing a computer course but my writing was not very good as I had problems with my spelling.

I went to the Citizens Advice Bureau to look for an adult learning programme to improve my writing. They told me about Literacy Waitakere so I came in to check the place out.

As soon as I arrived at Literacy Waitakere, I felt like turning away as I was feeling anxious, wondering if I would be told that there was nothing for me or the courses were full. Actually, I found the place quite inviting because the people there were friendly and they arranged for me to be in Joanne’s one-to-one.

I mentioned to Joanne about getting a learner’s licence. Joanne told me about Maria’s learner’s licence course.

When I joined Maria’s group I was nervous at first but found it very relaxing, which surprised me. I found Maria’s teaching style fun and it made learning easy. Her interesting teaching technique helped me remember things easily.

The day I took the test Maria was very supportive and went out of her way, in her own time to come to the test centre to support me and two other learners from the group. To me that was unusual for a tutor to do that.

When I was doing the test I was nervous at first and pressured myself too much, but half way through the test I started to relax. After I finished, I realised I had passed and that was good.

I was happy and excited!

I was pleased Maria knew it was the right time for me to take the test. If she hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have gone to do the test.

If you take Maria’s class, always listen to her.


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