**Our centre will be closed while Auckland is at Alert Level 3 or 4. Sessions will start back at Level 2.**

Stay home, stay safe, and follow the Covid-19 guidelines.

We work with adults (16+ who are not in full time learning) who are NZ Citizens or Residents and who need help with literacy and numeracy, especially reading, writing and spelling. 

Our service is provided at no direct cost to the learner.

Learner-centered tuition is based on the goals of the individual learner.

Our Goal:

For the people of Waitākere to be critically literate and digitally capable and able to pursue a life-long learning pathway for their personal well-being.

Our Mission:

To develop, promote and deliver accessible, quality literacy services designed to ensure the people of Waitākere are critically literate, digitally capable and able to realise their full social, cultural and economic potential.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, dependent on grants and funding, and we welcome your financial support.

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If I get muddled up when I read, I slow down and read it again. I use what I know about other words to help me read tricky words.

Aimee – Student